Our Principles

Principles and Practices. To the best of its ability given its circumstances, Participant will conduct its farming/producing/food-making/product-making operations (as applicable to Participant, “Operations”) according to the following principles and practices (collectively, the “Principles and Practices”):

1. Raising/creating Participant’s products and managing its Operations from a perspective of stewardship, sustainability and minimization of environmental harm; working to improve the health of biological ecosystems affecting and affected by Participant’s Operations.

2. Producing the majority (more than 50% by weight, exclusive of packaging) of Participant’s products within the Watershed, and sourcing the majority of farm/product inputs/ingredients within the Watershed and/or regionally whenever feasible. [The term “majority” may have different meanings depending on the context and individual circumstances. If weight is not a feasible method of quantification, other measurement criteria may be used in the discretion of CRSFA with input from participants, if feasible, and/or per CRSFA product policies, if applicable.]

3. Treating Participant’s livestock, if any, humanely, offering quality care and ample living space according to their needs, as Participant understands them.

4. Balancing profits from Operations with fair wages and a safe and healthy work environment.

5. Respecting all people who come into contact with Participant’s Operations, regardless of cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or abilities.

6. Working to strengthen the Foodshed through collaboration, knowledge seeking and sharing, and communication with other CVG participants and members of Participant’s community, as appropriate.

7. Maintaining openness and transparency in marketing to the public and in advancement of these Principles and Practices.